From the very beginning of the diet, this diet was easy.  Because of the drops provided with the diet, I didn't have the cravings I usually do for sweet things. Although carbs had been a huge part of my diet, this time I was eating only good carbs, like fresh fruits and vegetables.  I was motivated to stay on the diet because for the first time, I was seeing the scale move in the right direction.  Pounds kept coming off and I wasn't hungry!  I would recommend this diet to everyone.  I feel so much healthier now and know this is my new life style forever.  Thank you for helping me to feel great!



I have never been one to buy into “fad diets,” nor had I really ever thought that there was TOO bad of a problem with my diet as it was. I wasn’t a strict “healthy-eater, but I wasn’t too out of shape, just larger than I had ever been. So when the opportunity to try Global Weight Loss presented itself, I decided to give it a try. Never would I have imagined the huge changes that it would lead to in my life. My entire life I have struggled with “tummy-troubles,” chalked up to irritable bowel and lactose intolerance. When I started the GWL program, all my stomach pain and bloating went away. When I cut out gluten and dairy for the plan, magically I felt like a different person. Later, I tried adding gluten back, and the stomach problems returned, worse than any dairy ever has. In all my years, never knowing that THIS is the cause of so much distress. The GWL program may be temporary, but I have made permanent changes to my diet and life style since the beginning of this. I have completely cut gluten out of my diet for over 8 months, and have significantly fewer stomachaches and other side effects because of it. I have also almost entirely cut oils out of my cooking preparation, which has been a healthy life change I attribute to this program. From the two months on the program, I lost 8 pounds, 5 inches total, and lots of poor eating habits. I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself, as well as knowledge about my body, food/nutrition, and gluten’s effects on the body in the past (almost) year. It’s been an incredible journey that all began with Infinite Technologies and Global Weight Loss.